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If you are in the market for a new computer and are not sure what you need for your particular use or application, we would love to help. Are you tired of shopping at the big box stores where one size must fit all? We would love to speak with you and get you exactly what you really need. We will not only help you in your PC selection, We will assist you in the PC setup, installation of programs, and connection to the your network or internet. Give us a try! We guarantee your satisfaction!

Do you have a unique IT idea but are not sure how to set it up, or even where to start? We would love to take your ideas and offer you solutions. No idea is too far fetched for us to look at. Please contact us today.

If your computer needs repair service, we offer you the option to bring your computer in, have us pick it up, or work onsite at your location. Give us a call today to experience a truly different type of service. We cover the entire Central Michigan area so the solution to your problem is only a phone call away.